Boutique Video Service

Unleashing the power of video with our boutique video service

Welcome to our Boutique video service where all businesses qualify. We know more then anyone that video has a powerful following.

YouTube is the number 1 platform. And it’s all video. But business are starting to recognize this. They have products they need to Highlight and use for social. But the tough part is affordability. Marketing video content is needed.

But how to is the biggest question. Well here at Necessity Media we got you. We help businesses big and small. Have a product you need a video created for? Just shoot us a message and one of our creative directors will jump on a call with you.

Let us introduce you into the world of video

We will take a look at your business and product and come up with an amazing idea for you. Just ship the product to our studios in California or Wisconsin. We will create an amazing video for you. And send you the video back. Need help marketing the product as well? We will come up with a comprehensive marketing plan for all social channels and budgets. It’s that easy.

We look forward to talking with you soon.

Action Shots

Our Production Studio Includes:

Full Video Production Studio

Full Music Studio

Full Script Writing

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