Businesses often have a very specific sales concept that they use.  They pick up the phone, send emails and share friendly notes to try to engage potential clients.  For years our team also subscribed to this type of marketing… until we noticed a shift beginning to take hold.


Have you watched a documentary? Watched a behind the scenes of making a music video? Or movie? Or just for lost in Tik Tok or YouTube for hours. It’s because we have a passion for knowledge more then just what’s at the front. That shift led us to recognize we needed a new way to research, learn and engage with our clients.  The best way to do that?  Through video and vlogging. Let us introduce you to Vlog23.
Vlog23 has grown tremendously and utilizes production teams based out of LA and Arizona to bring you your final project. We are here to work with YOU and help YOU develop your marketing plan and a kick ass behind the scenes b-roll that you can utilize anywhere to grow your brand.


We are a full-service white label agency that can take your brand or business to the next level.  Vlog23 sends a top tier Vlogger to your business and captures in-depth behind the scenes imagery that can be utilized to break the 4th wall with your clients before you even reach out.  Allowing clients to get to know you, and understand how you do business helps you to succeed without having to spend hours trying to cultivate leads or spending thousands on marketing.

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Creative Planning

We will story board out all of your video needs to capture your vision and direct you into ours.


The concept of a Video blog/Vlog, laid out by our team to deliver you the most optimal videos for sales conversions.

Script Development

We will help you and your sales team with scripts to help you on camera.  With our many years in sales. We know what you need to get your message across to your clients.



Holiday Resorts






Package 1 and 2 offered by Vlog23 will be be focused on producing a comprehensive video content for businesses. Package 1 includes a professional video that captures the day-to-day activities of the company, including interviews with business heads and employees, client testimonials, and professional B-roll shots of the workplace. Package 2 expands on package 1 by offering a professional commercial and the rights to own the music used in all branded videos. Both packages come with a videographer and editing team, and the final products will be ready for use on various social platforms and TV.



Package 1

  • 1 videographer (3 days in person).
  • Professional Video with sales team members.
  • Day to day of the company dynamics.
  • Interviews with business heads in departments.
  • Client testimonials. *Via virtual or in person.
  • Professional B roll shots of the workplace.
  • Interview with employees for brand recognition.
  • Professional editing team and music through our own music studio.
  • All videos ready edited for YouTube and all social platforms.


Package 2

  • Professional commercial for your business. Story boarded and designed by the Vlog23 team ready for TV and or social and website. 
  • Professional designed music you will own the rights to for all branded videos.
  • All of package 1.

All packages can be à la carte and discussed on our discovery call

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